The Lazy Susan, a Most Underrated Table Element

So I was racking my brain on what to call my blog.  I mean, doesn’t EVERYONE have a blog these days.  Seems like it.  Some blogs are informative, some funny, some down right strange.  I wanted my blog to be a bit of all of these.  The main goal of my blog is to just be able to write what I am feeling about the world, my family, and my most favorite subject…history and its preservation.  Boring, right?  Well, maybe. But to me, this blog represents more than just the selfish pursuit of being noticed.  I want to write freely about the things I love, I hate, I wish would change and want to explore.  Hopefully, like a lazy susan, it will all come back around to me in some way.

The lazy susan was always a favorite table decoration and element at my Nana’s house in New Hampshire.  Sometimes she had a vase full of Queen Ann’s Lace or Black Eyed Susans on top of it that we had gathered along the roadside the day before.  I remember so many meals at her formal dining table with the lazy susan at its center holding condiments, silver pieces or food that needed to be passed around.  She detested “the boarding house reach”.  Always one for manners and polite conversation at the dinner table, the lazy susan was the perfect table element to avoid such faux pas of social graces.  By no means was her table restricted to conversation about the weather or children are seen but not heard.  However, we did avoid discussions of a political nature or religion.  The conversation generally centered around what we had done that day in the woods behind her house, the next day’s travel pursuits, and back around to stories of the past.  Much like the lazy susan, conversation always rotated around the table…each person telling a story or a quick quip about something humorous or ironic or in the children’s cases, the adventures in the woods or the restaurant we had created on Nana’s screen porch.   All the while, the lazy susan would spin round and round delivering its treasures to the passerbyer.

I love the lazy susan.   In all its simplicity, it is truly a table element that is most underrated these days.  In fact, I don’t even have one in my home.  I’ve often thought of buying one but just never seem to get around to it.  It almost seems as if I might betray the past by having one of my own.  It holds a special place in my memories of my Nana’s house.  But then again, what goes around, comes around.  I dare say, it might just be a conversation starter as it spins round the table.  So maybe having my own lazy susan for my family to surround itself around will only generate new memories.  I wonder what kind I should buy…hmmm.


4 responses

  1. love the title…will enjoy what goes in your “lazy susan”. Have to laugh …as I love your grandmother I was the bain of her exisance when it came to your dad.

  2. Love it…happy to see you have a blog Beth! You know I love to hear what you have to say…you always had a special way of wording things! : )

  3. Wonderful!! Can’t wait to see what else you have to say! Love the story behind the name of your blog. It painted such a comforting picture of family and the importance of gathering around the dinner table. Now I want a lazy susan, too!

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