What I Learned Today

A piece I wrote for an educational project called edu180Atlanta.  180 people will write 180 points of view in 250 words or less on learning.  This is my experience…

Biggin Church Ruins-Moncks Corner, SC

The conversation started with, “Mommy, I can’t decide what I want to be when I grow up.  I love SO many things.”

I simply replied, “You don’t have to settle on just one thing. Do whatever makes you happy.” But then I realized, am I taking my own advice?  Up until recently, yes and no.

I love being a writer but do not always love the content I am asked to produce. I had always written for corporations, and while I was doing what I loved, I wasn’t enjoying it to the fullest.  The content was very dry and full of staunch parameters.  It was time for a change. So I began to freelance again.  And although it’s been tough, I am slowly crawling my way back into this world and learning from each experience along the way, from rejection, critique, or joyful acceptance.

Life is full of risks.  Sometimes you have to dabble before you dive in. I too love many things. You don’t have to settle on one career path.  Sometimes your passions converge into a powerful force in your life.  This is what I learned today from my 10 year old daughter’s question and simple realization; do what it is you love, never settle, and this will make you truly successful. My goal: to get my Master’s Degree in Historic Preservation and share my passion for design, old buildings and history with my readers. I might stumble, but I am on my way.



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  1. Susan; read your post/story on the Roswell newsletter. I thought of 2 things as I was drawn to read your blog:
    Your storytelling reminds me of my newfound interest in ‘the Moth’ podcasts. My very fave. As I am sure you are aware of this site, I am curious to see if you have any others that you listen to? I love hearing the spoken insights and the format of that show!
    Second: Upon seeing your interest in historical restoration, I just wanted to throw out a name to you… good friends of mine in Pittsburgh own and operate a family business called “Young Restoration” that deals with the many historic buildings that Pittsburgh maintains, and they have some more natural techniques they use. Steve and Joette Young; can find them under company title. That is their passion and knowledge base, and are the coolest cats around, to boot.
    Have a great Saturday!

    • Thank you so much for checking out my blog. Still working on the layout and so forth. Time is not on my side. 😉 I’ve actually not listened to the Moth but am definitely going to check it out. I really don’t listen to a lot of podcasts. Thank you also for the insight into Young Restoration. Will be checking them out too. 😉

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