Risky Business, Footloose and Other Spontaneous Random Acts of Silliness

It is not unusual for me to break out into spontaneous song and dance in the following places: my bedroom, my bathroom, the shower, the kitchen (with a fabulous glass of wine), my office, the car, running down Peachtree Street in the mornings. You’ve probably seen me if you drive through South Buckhead into Midtown. Yes, that’s me! It’s the city, I blend in with the other crazies. I grab the closest hairbrush or ladle microphone and do my best Steve Perry, Bono or Pat Benatar impression. I bust out my Dance Fever moves and moonwalk, robot or running man my way across the floor. Sometimes I go all Risky Business, sometimes it’s me, my kids and the dogs barking like, “What’cha doing? Are we going for a walk?” Needless to say it’s a sight to behold. But life is meant to be a series of spontaneous random acts of silliness.

Frankly, we all do stupid things, act a little out of character from time to time. Why not give yourself permission to lose control for mere minutes each day to recharge. It’s not well-organized, rehearsed or sitcom-ready like The Cosby Show’s perfectly lip-synced version of Ray Charles’ Night Time is the Right Time. Just me, myself and my crazy dance moves with a hairbrush or in the case of running, a few of my closest commuter friends. Music is a powerful healer, even if only to lift a sour mood. It always conjures memories or sparks creativity. When I listen to songs likePretty in Pink, I am instantly transported back to middle school, begin to smile and remember the moments of seventh grade puppy love. I find that music allows me the freedom to daydream, mostly about the outfits I would wear on stage while performing in front of thousands of screaming fans, like when I listen to Buoy by The Joy Formidable. Or even, yes, wouldn’t Derezzed from the TRON: Legacy soundtrack be a killer song to ice skate to in the Olympics; the triple axles, the perfect landing on the downbeat, the applause…

Sorry, I had to stop writing for a minute, Footloose came on my Pandora station. The urge to line dance and ponder how I fit into the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon game was too much for me to resist. In the immortal words of Kenny Loggins, “Everybody cut loose!” So I guess that’s my point, you have to be willing to cut loose and enjoy some silly “me” time. It restoreth the soul. Your husband, girlfriend, life-partner, children, dogs, and cats (well, maybe not the cats) will still love you afterwards, I promise.

OH! Thriller! Funky zombie dance, heh heh, ow!


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