Quick and Dirty Me

I don’t consider myself terribly clever, hipster snarky or cool. I’m not always up on the latest fads, TV shows, movies, novels or YouTube sensations because they come and go. I started playing Angry Birds…2 months ago. Words with Friends, maybe next year.

My love for fashion can be overwhelming. I am a fervent, thrifty fashionista mama. Fashion week, the shows, first row, someday. My style is my own.

I follow people on Twitter and Facebook who interest me, make me laugh or share some commonality, but mostly because they make me laugh. I’ve never met a stranger. I am a total smart ass, flirtatious to the core and love to talk.

I’ve lived through tragedy and come out the other side still smiling. My family is my whole world, my friends my life blood. My dogs are furry children.

I read novels about history, the South, or by authors long dead. I’m a classics snob, a traditionalist. I daydream…a lot, which is where my story ideas begin. I write all day long but only publish 25% of my content. I could wander an old house, castle or ancient gardens and be perfectly content.

I dream in technicolor with music, lots of music. Sometimes I change outfits several times a day to mix it up. I break out into spontaneous song and dance in my house and on runs. I have wanderlust at least once a week. I’m afraid of flying but want to travel the world.

I love bacon…even if it’s just turkey. I haven’t eaten red meat or pork for 20 years. I love the smell of coffee but drink tea. Wine, wine, wine me.

I speak before I think which makes me inclined to say really stupid things, by accident. It bothers me immensely if I feel I’ve hurt someone. I always hug it out after an argument, disagreement, just because. I’ve only knowingly lost one friendship. My Faith is what drives me.

I am a rule follower, love details to a fault. I like to be in control but not in charge. Conformity is boring.

I have my own style of writing. I love dramatic pauses. I love a good slow clap. Basic grammar is important like when to use commas, semi-colons, colons and the proper use of prepositions. I hate diagramming sentences. Math scares me.

I’m addicted to being happy and shoes. I draw my energy from people, laughing, smiling hard and the sunshine. I couldn’t live in cloudy climates.

I’ve been called a Pollyanna, silly, hyper, supportive, funny, quirky, the life of the party, a good listener, incredibly foolish and naïve.

I am an extrovert, a writer, a wife, a mother, a woman, me, me, me.


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