An Open Letter to Anthony Bourdain: No convincing needed. No response required.

Posted to on April 11, 2012 in response to Mr. Bourdain’s obsession with Paula Deen and her diabetes. Someone retweeted this to him and he responded in agreement to my letter. 

Mr. Bourdain,

While I respect your unapologetic candor, love for the authenticity of food and folks, a stiff drink, respect for cultures and your impressive resume, I move that the Paula Deen issue be tabled and laid to rest. We all agree with you. No convincing necessary. She shouldn’t have lied about her diabetes while continuing to cook fat-ladened, butter-drenched, bacon-filled foods for her millions of fans only to obliterate her own health in the process and disappoint many a drooling pie hole. However, unless these fans have been living under a rock for the last 25 years, don’t read the paper, listen to the news, watch Dr. Oz, or check in with Oprah regularly, most people realize that while these foods she cooks are probably extremely delicious and tasty, they are not healthy and will only lead you down the road to a big, fat serving of heart attack city. Everything in moderation, right? Paula Deen 0, Diabetes won.

Your unabashed honesty and lack of social decorum is what draws me and millions of others to watch your shows (diggin The Layover, by the way), read your thought-provoking books and try new foods that otherwise might have our noses turned up in incomprehensible revolt. I am in total agreement with you on the Deen issue. However, it didn’t escape me that you were already not a fan and were looking for an in to take this southern belle of buttery wares to task. Boom. Diabetes. In like Flynn. Donzo. You’re Oprah a-ha moment had finally arrived, finger pointed skyward, time to bring the butter queen down! To the Bourdain mobile! And just like that, you were off on your bacon-greased smear campaign. The first to call her out. I told you so, Paula, I told you so. But within a week, your moment of right became tired.

Please note, that while I am still an adoring fan, love your shows, would pay to dine with you so I could pick your foodie brain, drink a few shots and talk punk rock, I really wish you would move on from the Paula Deen propaganda and focus on doing what you do best, bringing awareness to food misconceptions, finding hidden gems, culinary authenticity, calling out food fads as well as being a lovable smart ass; if there is such a thing. We the people are glad that she was outed, we are glad that she admitted wrong, we are glad you got your moment to point the finger at unhealthy cooking and bring to light that diseases like Diabetes take no prisoners and could give a “BLEEP” about your celebrity status. The regular Joe, is now Paula Deen. But it’s time to let this Savannah belle deal with her decisions and hopefully find a way to continue cooking the foods she loves in a healthy way, bringing her fans along for the ride and redeeming the South’s reputation. Not all of us consume butter by the metric ton. We are loving the Southern cuisine done clean movement that is currently sweeping the food nation. Viva le South!

Paula Deen’s diabetes: The horse has been mutilated, the issue DOA, the chicken has flown the coup. Butter is dead.


A fan of live horses, food and punk rock music living it up in the South

Bourdain for President!


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